Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence.  Domestic violence victims can come from any social or economic background.  They are men, women, children, siblings, old and the young.  Regardless of who you are or what category you fall into, all domestic violence victims deal with fear of the unknown and the anxiety of what the future holds.  At the Law Offices of Brett Stalcup, we are ready and prepared to provide you with the help, protection and advice that you need to get out of your current situation and to help you move forward with your life.  


If you are a victim, you need a Texas trial attorney on your side who is prepared to fight for your rights and protect both you and your family from your abuser. At the Law Offices of Brett Stalcup, you will find experienced and compassionate lawyers who will provide you with the resources, support groups, counseling, and therapy you need to rebuild your life.


If you believe that you are a victim of domestic violence, it is important to contact the Law Offices of Brett Stalcup immediately at (214) 219-1000 or online via our website to schedule a consultation.  Also, it is important to:


  • Save letters, e-mails, phone and text messages containing threatening language

  • Take pictures of visual bodily injuries

  • Save all medical and emergency room records

  • Contact the police if you or your family is in imminent danger

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